What we do


  • AGRICULTURAL RESEARCH, SCOPING STUDIES AND DEVELOPMENT: We offer scoping and feasibility studies for agriculture including agronomic due diligence of crop production, soil evaluation and sustainability.
  • INTERNATIONAL TRADE CONSULTATION: We offer expert advice on international trade to individuals and organizations who desire to engage in global trading. Our consultation services guide them through the process of setting up their international trading business, understanding their target market, where to source for quality products, the requirements and process of exportation.




Sesame seeds are tiny oil seeds the colors vary from white to brown and to black. Sesame seeds are in high demand on the international market and are useful in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries. The seeds are locally sourced, and we provide our clients with their desired specification by conducting the required testing which is carried out by SGS here in Nigeria. We ensure the seeds are properly cleaned, sorted and stored before packaging and exportation. The seeds are packaged in 50 kg, 80kg and 100kg bags or according to clients’ preference and are also exported in metric tons.

The standard specification of our sesame seeds:

  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Color (whitish/brown) 99% Min
  • Color (Dark) 1% Max
  • Oil Content 51% Min
  • Purity 99% Min
  • Admixture 1% Max
  • Moisture Content 6% Max
DRIED SPLIT GINGER (Zingiber Officinale)

Nigeria is among the top five (5) producers of ginger and ginger produced in Nigeria is of high value in the international market, it is greatly demanded because of its unique quality. Ginger is used in the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. This spice has medicinal properties and a lot of benefits.

We partner with farmers in order to provide top quality of this commodity, we sort, and package and store under adequate temperature condition to preserve the quality of this product before exportation. Packaged in 40-50kg bags or depending on the clients preference.

The standard specification of our dried split ginger:

  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Color: Natural
  • Grade: A
  • Oil content: 2%
  • Purity: 98%
  • Admixture: 2%
DRIED HIBISCUS FLOWER (Hibiscus Sabdariffa)

Hibiscus Flower also known as ‘Zobo’ leaves is of great exportable value, it is used by cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food and beverage companies. The benefits of this product is what makes it of high demand on the international market. Hibiscus tea is widely known to reduce high blood pressure. We partner with farmers to provide our clients with the best quality of this commodity and according to the specification demanded by clients. This product is packaged in 25kg polypropelene (pp) bags or according to client preference.

The standard specification of our dried hibiscus flower ginger:

  • Origin: Nigeria
  • Color: Dark red
  • Moisture: 7% Max
  • Purity: 98.5%
  • Admixture: 1.5% Max

Charcoal also called char which is pure carbon. It is sometimes used in toothpastes and other cosmetic products. It has numerous benefits and this makes it one of the most demanded products in the international market. This product is a great exportable product from Nigeria. At Solan-Crest, this commodity is locally sourced in order to provide our clients with the best quality. Testing according to specifications required by clients are carried out before exportation. We export BBQ, Restaurant, and Shisha charcoal. We ensure that our products meet the right standard, products are packaged in 25kg and 50kg strong pp bags or according to client preference, which are then exported in metric tons.


As the African population keeps growing in the diaspora, the demand for African food stuff, beverage and textile products increases. We export finished goods to African products importers in Asia, Europe, Australia and North America, these products are exported in 20 -40 foot containers. We export all types of African textiles, fashion items, food and beverage products that are capable of being exported and traded to the various countries in which these goods are in demand.



Advance payment, letter of credit and full Direct Deposits are accepted. Payment should be made to our company bank account. We begin the packaging process of clients’ commodities after an advance payment has been received and confirmed.